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When I was younger, I experienced a dream that manifested into the next day. I think that was the first time I experienced what I call a “what are the odds?” The first time I showed an interest in writing was in a creative writing class I once took in highschool. In that same semester, I was taking a history class where we would have to read about a particular time in history, and then write a story to summarize what we had read. I loved the research, as well as the writing aspect. With time, I’ve found you really can tune in with your creativity and your craft. 

My father used to encourage me to keep a journal, and eventually I did. I was really consistent, and it did become a fun habit to record my life events. After years of writing down my “What are the Odds'' experiences, I soon realized that I had enough stories to start compiling them and create my first book. Now one of the logistics and challenges with this book was recording actual events that had happened to me. So I didn’t have the ability to write another chapter. I had to wait for another experience to happen, for me to write about. I was able to release my first book in 2000 and since that time, I have accumulated enough experiences to finish up the sequel to my first book, “What are the Odds.” In my third book, “What are the Odds: Celebrity Stories”, celebrities share their own experiences, as well as choose a nonprofit or like cause which part of the proceeds of the book will go to. It’s a win win. I have just finished my first “Surf Adventures” book, which includes my surfing experiences from around the world. With 150 photos in the first book alone, “Surf Adventures” is a 6 book total series. I am also a landscape designer, and I’m currently finishing up a landscape design book containing designs featuring 4 season tropical, desert scapes, and a specialty section including ground cover murals, and rock mosaic designs. I encourage you to follow my writings, as every book has a different feel and flare to them.

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Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

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