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I am a music composer, recording artist, and performer. My love of music began at the age of 5. When my grandmother would play the piano, I’d sit with her on the bench and listen to her play. My mom and dad noticed my interest in music, and enrolled me in a class at the music school. I learned some piano, but my first gig was leading the singers like a conductor. 

Around age 12, my dad bought me a guitar for Christmas, along with some sunglasses. At that time, I played for about 2 years before getting involved in other things. Years later, I was living on sunset beach point, mainly to surf. I rented a room, and one of the people that lived there with me was a guitar player who had a gold Gibson, who turned me onto electric guitars. Eventually I wrote some songs and we played together, with Mark being on lead guitar. We knew a girl at our church who played piano, and sang well, so we all got together and played. We all sounded really good together, especially with it being my first experience playing music with other people. 

My first live gig was with Mark and Sherry, and we played at Chaminade University. The place was packed with over 2,500 people. We hadn’t even played outside the living room, but we rocked the house and received a standing ovation that night. The clapping in the gym was so loud! I thought “game on.” This is what I want to do. The crowd was happy, and we were overjoyed with how the band and the music sounded. 

One year I sailed to Micronesia on a 36 foot brown trimaran, and it was truly a magical voyage. I had brought an acoustic guitar to play while we were sailing, and a friend had given me a couple of music books with many songs I could begin to learn. The books somehow didn’t make it onto the boat, but luckily I happened to bring a small book full of chords. All I could do was piece together different chords while I played, and soon enough, I was writing and composing my own music. 

Fast forward some years, I was in Santa Cruz, California, when I got turned onto recording by a friend who had brought a cassette over to my house. He had recorded in a local studio, and his tape sounded really clean and professional. The engineer was a legend, Noel Gott. I thought, this is my chance to record some of my own music and see how it really sounded. It was time to take my music to a whole new level.

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